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Bet You’ve Never Seen a Fence Like This

Fences come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and materials. With certain fence styles in much greater demand than others, it makes sense to offer several standard, widely available options. Some fences even come in prefabricated sections for fast and easy installation.

While most homeowners these days opt for a more cost-effective, standard type of fencing, some are just aching to build a one-of-a-kind custom cedar fence. Often these are fences the homeowners have designed themselves, sometimes using elements they’ve seen in other fences.

It’s amazing how much you can change the look of a fence just by changing picket widths and adjusting the gaps between them, or by combining two different fence styles. Here’s a look at some of the custom cedar fence installations Rick’s Fencing has done over the years:

custom cedar fence

This custom cedar fence features two different picket widths, alternated with gaps between them, to create a more stylized semi-privacy fence. The pickets are framed at both the top and bottom with horizontal rails for a sleek, finished look.

custom cedar fence

This fence features sections of solid-style cedar fencing surrounded on three sides by a wide lattice pattern. the lattice opens up the fence design while the solid sections still offer partial privacy. Decorative post caps complete the look.

custom cedar fence

Cedar pickets with slight gaps between them form the bottom section of this fence, while the top lattice section gives it a crisp, welcoming look. The finishing rails add depth and dimension.

custom cedar fence

Check out what super-skinny pickets can do for a fence. The alternating picket heights on this fence add texture and interest to the top and bottom, and they contrast nicely with the decorative fence caps.

With a little imagination, and some basic knowledge of different fence styles, you can come up with a fence design that looks like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Rick’s Fencing can help make that vision a reality.

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