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Best Patio Covers to Keep the Moisture at Bay

As winter recedes, we’re eager to spend time outside on the patio. But while our outdoor living spaces begin to be livable again, traces of moisture can still hang in the air. Thankfully, patio covers are excellent home solutions for thwarting the remaining winter weather that won’t have you scrambling to find that umbrella or rain hat.

Wood Framed Patio Cover

Wood Framed Patio Covers

Wooden Framed patio covers make for great home extensions that can block out the chill while expressing your home’s unique style. Made from strong, dependable cedar, wood patio covers are sturdy enough to hang weatherproof screens from the frame, creating a comforting living space the whole family will love.

Aluminum Framed Patio Covers

Aluminum patio cover designs are perfect for the homeowner who wants long-term enjoyment from their patio cover. Featuring sturdy aluminum framework, aluminum patio covers can withstand 100mph winds, so sideways rain poses no problem for them.

Although the grey skies may last for a while yet, the sun can still shine through the clouds. If you take advantage of the polycarbonate roofing options available to you, which block out 98% of the sun’s rays, you won’t have to worry about getting a winter sunburn. Aluminum patio covers are ideal patio covers all year round, and are great in any weather.


Aluminum Framed Cover with Acrylic panels have become extremely popular. Acrylic is produced with the most weatherable polymer on the market and offer a 30 year warranty. Besides protecting you from sun and rain, Aluminum Framed Covers with Acrylic panels actually can increase the amount of light in your home.

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