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Playground Fences: Best Options for a Safe Play Area

vinyl privacy fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Keeping children safe is one of the most important tasks a fence can perform. The safest playgrounds and backyards are often the ones surrounded by fencing that helps keep children in and hazards out.

When planning a playground or backyard fence installation, Salem parents and child care professionals should carefully consider what types of fencing will best serve the children’s needs, safely and effectively. Before installing any playground fence materials, Salem parents and caregivers should keep the following playground fence guidelines in mind:

Can the playground fence be climbed?

One of the most important considerations for playground fencing is to make sure children will not be able to easily climb over the fence installation. Salem playground fences should be tall enough to keep kids contained; a minimum height of four feet is strongly recommended, and for some play areas it’s a requirement.

A playground fence should also be constructed from un-climbable fence materials. Salem fence options that work best include solid-style wood fencing and vinyl privacy fencing, as these present a solid surface with no footholds for climbing. Chain link fencing is also acceptable as long as the mesh holes are no larger than 25mm.

Does the fence itself pose a hazard?

Playgrounds inherently provide plenty of opportunities for injury, so it’s important that the fence enclosure doesn’t pose any additional threat. When choosing a fence material, Salem parents and child care workers should make sure it doesn’t have pointed edges, wires poking out or other features that could result in injury.

Solid-style wood and vinyl fencing, for example, have few sharp corners and edges, while fences with pointed pickets are more dangerous. Chain link fences can be coated with polyvinyl to provide some cushioning against the wire mesh. If you’re interested in an ornamental aluminum fence, make sure the bars are positioned no more than four inches apart; head entrapment has been known to cause deaths on playgrounds.

When building a playground fence installation, Salem contractors should be sure to cut or cover with safety caps any screws, nails or bolts that protrude from the fence

Keeping children safe on the playground is always a challenge, but the right fence can go a long way toward eliminating common hazards.

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