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Before You Build: Know Where to Draw the Line

good neighbor fenceKnowing your property line is critical before starting a fence or deck project. It may seem like a hassle, but identifying where your land ends and your neighbor’s begins is can save you money, time and stress in the long run. Here are seven things you should know about locating your property line:

  • If your neighbors recently had their land surveyed, you may be able to save time by referring to their findings.
  • If you want to locate the property lines yourself, try contacting the original developer of your house, or the company that issued the title to your house, and asking if you can review the original land boundary documents.
  • If your land was surveyed not too long ago, you can use a metal detector to try and find the metal marking pins placed underground. However, this method should be used for purely informative purposes and shouldn’t be relied upon as a definitive way to find your property line.
  • The safest way to definitively locate land boundaries is to hire a surveyor, which can be easily found in any phone book or online directory.
  • The professional who surveys your land is responsible for any resulting disputes, leaving you out of any lawsuits or legal wrangling. Even if the survey you commission is found to be in error, you still aren’t liable for any resulting legal issues.
  • Property lines can be tricky. Sometimes, because of how the land was parceled out or other circumstances, the actual lines can be crooked.
  • If you’re planning a project for spring or summer, clear up any property line concerns well in advance. Neighbors who may turn a blind eye in winter tend to pay more attention to property lines in warmer months.

For more information about preparing for your building project, read up on other legal barriers to building a fence. By researching ahead of time, you can avoid unnecessary headaches and get down to enjoying your new fence or deck.

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