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Show Your Cedar Fence Some Love this February

You may think summer is the only season for maintenance of your wood fence installation, Beaverton and Portland residents. Yet the truth is that your fence benefits from mid-winter TLC as well. Indeed, paying attention to your fence’s condition now can help you prevent problems and prepare for repairs once warmer weather arrives.

Wintertime Tips for Maintaining your Cedar Fence

Beaverton and Tigard homeowners can follow these tips to keep their fences in top shape this winter:

Inspect the fence to determine if resurfacing and re-staining will be required later in the year. Raised nail heads, warped boards, fading color and mold or mildew growth are all signs that you will need to resurface your fence this summer. Figuring this out now will give you more time to prepare.

Remove fallen debris. Winter storms may have thrown branches and leaves onto your fencing installation. Beaverton and Hillsboro residents can take care of their fences this winter by removing debris. If left in place, organic material will cause rot, weakening fencing materials.

Clear a space between your fence and your landscaping. As you walk the fence line looking for damage, notice any areas where flora has grown up against the fence installation. Beaverton and Portland homeowners should aim to keep at least 1 foot of space between fencing materials and plants. This will lengthen the lifespan of the fence by preventing rot.

Remove debris, dirt and dust from concrete footings. A fence’s structural stability depends on the strength of its post supports. Clearing the concrete footings around fence posts will prevent weakness down the road.

Trim back overhanging branches that could fall on the fence. Do check with your landscaping expert first to make sure this is the proper time of year to trim each species.

Following these tips will keep your fence in good shape as we head into spring.

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