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New Product Overview: Azek Decking Materials

At Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, we’re proud to add a new low-maintenance material to our lineup of decking materials: Azek decking. This PVC-based decking product is perfect for the Pacific Northwest, where months of drizzly winter weather can really wreak havoc on outdoor home materials.

Azek decking materials were built to withstand years of rain without requiring arduous sanding or re-staining, as wood-based decking materials do. Yet, Azek is designed to look like wood decking products – indeed, because Azek is easy to work with and textured like wood planks, even contractors have been known to mistake Azek decking for real wood decking materials.

Low maintenance

We chose to add Azek decking to our array of decking materials because we appreciate how little time today’s homeowners have for maintenance. Azek PVC decking is virtually maintenance-free. From time to time, dirt or mold may accumulate on the surface of Azek decking; a rubdown with soap and water is all that is needed in this case. Because Azek decking materials will not chip or split, no sanding or re-staining is required, even in the challenging weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Highly durable

What’s more, Azek decking is stain, scratch- and mold-resistant. Mold may grow on the surface of Azek decking, but it can’t penetrate into its depths, as is the case with some composite decking materials. You can easily clean off any mold or mildew growth that does occur. Fido’s toenails won’t scratch Azek decking, and you can move patio furniture around without fear of leaving gouges in your deck. Finally, you can enjoy anxiety-free deck parties with Azek decking, knowing that an untimely ketchup or wine spill won’t stain your decking.

In the end, maintenance-free longevity is probably the top reason why Pacific Northwest homeowners choose Azek decking. This is one of the few decking materials that carry a limited lifetime warranty.

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