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FAQs about Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio CoverPatio covers are gaining popularity across the country, as more and more Americans realize that an outdoor living area will get far more use if it is protected from the elements. However, because patio covers represent a fairly new technology, many homeowners have questions about them. Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions about the Sky Vue aluminum patio cover.

Q: How durable is the Sky Vue patio cover? Will it survive harsh weather conditions?

A: Sky Vue patio covers are composed of a unique co-extruded polycarbonate that is strong enough to survive repeated blows with a sledgehammer. These patio covers can withstand 100-mile-per-hour winds and up to 25 pounds of snow load per square foot. (If you anticipate heavier snow loads, let us know. We can achieve ratings of up to 65 pounds of snow load per square foot.) Considering that polycarbonate is also used to build airplane windshields and bulletproof glass, it’s not surprising that these patio covers are so durable. (Individual panels may be replaced if you do somehow manage to damage your Sky Vue patio cover.)

Q: Will I need to wear sunscreen while lounging under my Sky Vue patio cover?

A: No. The polycarbonate in a Sky Vue patio cover blocks 98 percent of UV rays. This is true for both clear and bronze-tinted Sky Vue covers.

Q: What kind of maintenance do Sky Vue patio covers require?

A: Not much. You will probably want to clean your patio cover once or twice a year. To reach it, mount a synthetic wash mitt on a pole. Car wash soap is the best cleansing agent for Sky Vue patio covers. Beyond that, you may want to polish your patio cover every once in a while. Finally, the especially cautious individual may want to check that the bolts on their aluminum patio cover are still tight. However, the rust-free bolts on Sky Vue patio covers rarely loosen.

Q: Will the plastic in a Sky Vue patio cover crack, yellow or get scratched?

A: The polycarbonate used to build Sky Vue patio covers will stay pristine for many years. It will not crack or yellow quickly. Scratches are extremely rare, since polycarbonate has about the same durability as a new car finish. If a scratch does somehow appear, you can remove it using the same techniques as you would use on a high quality auto finish.

Q: Can I mount the patio cover over my spa or deck?

A: Absolutely! Be aware, however, that if you use a barbecue under a Sky Vue patio cover the smoke may leave a residue. You may remove the residue with soap and water, but chances are you will need to clean your patio cover more often. Another concern many homeowners have is that the steam from their hot tub will fog up the patio cover. Typically, this only happens during rainstorms, when the moisture content in the air is quite high.

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