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Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers for Restaurants

pok pok outdoor diningRestaurant owners have long appreciated the advantages of having an al fresco dining area. People love to enjoy balmy weather by dining out, and the peals of laughter and delectable smells emanating from an outdoor dining area are tough to resist. Ultimately, an outdoor dining space can boost a restaurant’s bottom line by attracting customers.

Below, we list the advantages restaurants see after installing aluminum patio covers over outdoor dining rooms.

1. Patrons won’t dine and dash when the weather changes. Portland weather can shift rapidly, even in summer. As restaurant owners know, a change in the weather often sends customers scrambling to leave. Allow your customers to linger (and enjoy a few more menu items) by installing an aluminum patio cover. If you really want to pamper your clientele, install a SkyVue patio cover – these aluminum patio covers block 98 percent of UV rays.

2. Increased dining flexibility. Patio covers automatically create inviting al fresco dining areas, which some customers prefer even when the weather isn’t perfect. For instance, some restaurants erect patio covers to create a space where pets can stay with their owners. Parents with young children also appreciate outdoor dining when the temperature isn’t too chilly. Toddlers are liable to shout or scream without notice; parents recognize that this is truly irritating to nearby diners. However, the sound of an energetic child is less bothersome if it’s heard outside, where sound can more easily dissipate.

3. Virtually maintenance free. Awnings require chemical treatments to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You may even need to hire an outside expert to clean a canvas awning. However, an aluminum patio cover will require very little maintenance work on your part. If you notice your cover is looking a little dirty, just mount a synthetic mitt on a pole, and clean the patio cover with car wash soap. Even this task will probably not be required more than once a year.

4. Unsurpassed durability. Aluminum patio covers can withstand up to 25 pounds of snow load per square foot. And 100 mile-per-hour winds will not destroy an aluminum patio cover. If you’re looking for dining protection that will last for years to come, an aluminum patio cover is the right choice.

[ Photo by: scaredy_kat, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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