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Product Spotlight: Acrylite Patio Covers

acrylite patio cover

Acrylite patio cover

As a leading builder of patio covers in the Pacific Northwest, we’re well aware of the issues that patio covers here tend to suffer: Leakiness, yellowing over time, and even structural weakness due to local climate conditions. We’re passionate about sourcing products that solve homeowners’ patio cover problems while delivering long-lasting value. Today Rick’s Fencing and Decking is proud to announce the newest addition to our patio cover offerings: Acrylite patio covers.

Acrylite custom patio covers offer the highest level of craftsmanship, quality, and precision to perfectly compliment and protect your outdoor living area.  Rick’s Acrylite patio covers are safe and economical. The acrylic sheets in Acrylite patio covers outshine other patio cover options, such as fiberglass and polycarbonate. Not only will Acrylite acrylic sheets last longer than these other patio cover choices, they will also block dangerous UV rays without totally blocking light.

As anyone with a dark, dreary covered area can attest, bountiful light is a must-have in an attractive outdoor living room. In addition to the protection they offer from sun and rain, Acrylite patio covers provide a comfortable environment by reducing heat buildup, and by diffusing light—which also helps brighten things a bit on gray days. Finally, Acrylite comes complete with a 30-year warranty against yellowing. You’ll love the eye-catching high gloss sheen on Acrylite sheets.

Partnering Acrylite acrylic sheets with our powder-coated aluminum frames makes for a patio cover that will last. The Acrylite sheets are extremely durable—they will not shatter like glass—and the underlying aluminum structure provides consistent support in all kinds of weather conditions.

Finally, Acrylite acrylic products and aluminum components are recyclable, making this patio cover combination the no-worry, eco-friendly choice for your outdoor living zone. Rick’s Acrylite patio covers are an attractive, enduring solution to your outdoor living area and patio cover needs. Your whole family will love the attractive and protected environment that they provide. Moreover, adding a new patio cover will add value to your home.

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