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5 Reasons Why TigerWood Decking is an Outstanding Deck Material

Tigerwood Decking Material

Looking for a deck material that’s a little more exotic? TigerWood is a great wood deck choice that should fulfill your every need for a beautiful, functional outdoor living space. Need further convincing? These five reasons should save you from reading endless TigerWood decking reviews and give you something to really roar about:

TigerWood is just as exotic as it sounds.

Made from a special Brazilian hardwood, TigerWood provides lavish style for your home with unique hues varying from golden brown to dark red streaked with black.  A TigerWood deck offers you the opportunity to really impress the neighbors with an uncommonly beautiful appearance.

TigerWood decking is sturdy.

Homeowners want the most from their decks. In addition to being an attractive-looking wood deck, TigerWood can withstand heavy use all throughout the year. It can also support a variety of deck accessories such as deck railing for endless outdoor enjoyment.

A TigerWood deck resists rot and decay.

As if its beautiful appearance wasn’t enough, TigerWood decking also has a natural resistance to rot and decay. TigerWood is so strong it does not require pressure treatment, so you can bet that its natural defenses are up to snuff!

TigerWood decking maintenance is a breeze.

Due to its high durability, TigerWood decking requires little maintenance. All it requires is the occasional soap-and-water wipedown, which leaves you free to enjoy its dynamic coloring. When looking at TigerWood decking prices, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your dollar due to its low-maintenance nature.

TigerWood is gorgeous!

TigerWood’s appearance is worth mentioning twice! Like the animal that derives its name, a TigerWood deck is not done justice through pictures alone. You have to feel the grain, and smell its luster to fully appreciate the striking beauty of this wood. You won’t know until you try it, so give us a call to experience a TigerWood deck yourself!


It’s easy to see why TigerWood decking has earned its stripes—just check out the number of online TigerWood decking reviews to see what people are raving about. Contact Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking for a quote on TigerWood decking prices, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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