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5 Fence Types: Explore your Modern Fence Design Options

5 Fence Types: Explore your Modern Fence Design Options

5 Fence Types: Explore your Modern Fence Design Options

Fences are known for having a wide variety of styles and designs, but having these options raises an important question: “What type of fence should I build?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this quick overview of 5 popular fence types should offer plenty of ideas for creating a modern fence design that’s right for you:

Cedar fence

Locally-grown right here in the Pacific Northwest, a cedar fence is a great choice for any homeowner. Because cedar fencing is a very soft wood, it has an ability to expand and contract with the weather with minimal to no splitting or cracking.  Due to cedar’s flexibility, a cedar fence can be customized to create a modern fence design that’s all your own.

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fencing is an attractive, modern fence design that can provide all the privacy and security of a cedar fence. It’s sturdy, and practically maintenance-free. Vinyl fencing requires minimal cleaning, and is built with long-lasting color that resists the sun’s rays. There is a big difference between grades of vinyl fencing. Only the best vinyl fence brands carry lifetime warranties and can stand the test of time.

Aluminum fence

An aluminum fence is a modern fence design that stands apart from other fences with its sophisticated appeal. It offers the look of wrought iron at a fraction of the price, yet is lightweight and wont rust. An aluminum fence is a landscaping favorite as it allows plants and shrubs to breathe through the spaces between the bars.

Chain link fence

A grand, modern fence design has made many yards the envy of the block, but homeowners with less space may desire more realistic options. In this case, a chain link fence can complement a small yard well. With a chain link fence, you can provide a safe living space that won’t obscure your view. Versatile and economical as well, a chain link fence is a functional choice that will be built to last.  Chain link fencing is available in galvanized, Black,  Green and Brown.

Simulated Stone fence

As sturdy and as easy to clean as vinyl fencing, a simulated stone fence can add bold flavor to your yard. Reinforced with steel, a simulated stone fence will stand up to the toughest weather with a strength as sure as stone.

For more tips on which modern fence design is right for you, contact your nearest Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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