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3 Things to Keep Away from Your Vinyl Fence (at All Costs)

picture frame vinyl fenceVinyl fences are so well-known for their strength and durability, jaws tend to drop when serious damage occurs. Still, it happens. The good news is, if you do accidentally damage your vinyl fence, repair is usually possible. But the majority of vinyl fencing disasters can be prevented by keeping these three things away from your fence at all costs:

1. Lawnmowers and weed-whackers. Yes, many a mow-happy homeowner has veered a little too closely to clip those last few inches of grass and discovered lawnmowers can leave black marks on vinyl fencing. And you don’t even want to know what kind of damage a weed-whacker can do. Be extra cautious anytime you’re using power-assisted garden tools around your fence. (If you do slip up and leave tire marks, try removing them with lacquer thinner.)

2. Flying baseballs or other high-speed projectiles. There’s a reason most baseball backstops are made of chain link and not vinyl, and it’s not just for visibility. Virgin PVC is a hefty plastic, true, but let’s not test its limits.

3. Paint. We just have to scratch our heads whenever a homeowner buys a vinyl fence and then asks if it can be painted. The beauty of vinyl is that you don’t have to paint it! And just in case you might be tempted to anyway, here’s one good reason not to: Paint interferes with the UV protectant in the vinyl and could void the warranty on your fence. Just don’t do it!

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