AZEK Decking

AZEK decking gives you the stylish wood appearance of cedar decking but without the necessary maintenance. If you intend your deck to be long-lasting and sturdy, AZEK decking offers you an outdoor living space that will provide years of enjoyment.

From big outdoor parties to private celebrations, AZEK decking provides you with the perfect spot to host year-round social events. And best of all, you can rest easy knowing your deck can weather it all without a scratch.

If you want your home to keep a well-maintained appearance all year round, an AZEK deck can help make things easier for you. Customizable, durable, and low-maintenance, you’re sure to love AZEK decking from Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking!

Build a Deck That Will Last—AZEK Decking

While Port Orford cedar remains the most popular of deck materials for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, an AZEK deck has been increasing in popularity. As homeowners continue to turn their focus toward efficient home maintenance, an AZEK deck can provide you with a practical yet functional wood alternative.

Your deck must be able to withstand weather and constant use. An AZEK deck offers your home a true outdoor living space, as it has resistances to:

  • Stains
  • Scratches
  • Splits
  • Mold
  • Mildew

With AZEK composite decking, you won’t need to worry about scuff marks from furniture or pets, nor the damaging effects of insects or moisture. Your AZEK deck can be the go-to neighborhood social spot, no matter the time of the year. AZEK’s hardy construction means your deck will hold up throughout the colder weather, and you can throw all the parties you like without fear of it getting scratched.

AZEK decking is composed of cellular PVC, ensuring long-lasting use of your deck that won’t diminish over time. There’s no need to provide regular stain and sanding, as wood decks sometimes require, providing you with a great alternative for your deck materials.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with AZEK Deck Accessories

Adding deck accessories to your AZEK deck not only makes your deck more livable but also increases the worth of your home. Planters filled with flowers and plants and set around your deck can add variety and an attractive natural appearance. Or you can take a more practical approach by filling your planters with vegetables, giving you a garden to enjoy year-round.

Enhance your AZEK deck’s appeal with custom-built benches to provide your guests with pleasant outdoor seating. You can also include handrails made from cedar, vinyl, or aluminum to increase safety and add functionality. With AZEK composite decking, you get an outdoor living space that’s build to last and more than capable of making great memories.

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