Aluminum Deck Railing

If you’re looking to outfit your cedar decking with extraordinary style, aluminum deck railing is just what you’re looking for. With high quality aluminum deck railing from Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, your home can take on an inviting and practical appearance. Available in several styles, your choice of aluminum deck railings will enhance your home and keep your guests safe.

Aluminum deck railing is great for the Pacific Northwestern homeowner because it’s durable, affordable, and long-lasting. If you need a well-rounded fence railing that’s able to withstand any form of weather, you should consider aluminum.

Aluminum Deck Railings Are Ideal for Any Weather

The Pacific Northwest experiences periods of extreme weather throughout the year. From arid desert-like conditions to extreme winds, Washington and Oregon homes have a distinct need for quality deck materials. For this reason, aluminum deck railings can ensure your home has a capable boundary all year round.

Although lightweight, aluminum deck railings can stand strong under the harshest weather conditions. Impervious to wind and snow, aluminum deck railing offers you the ideal barrier to enclose your gorgeous wood or vinyl deck. If you and your family like spending time outside, now you can do so—anytime of the year.

As if durability wasn’t enough, aluminum deck railings require much less year-round maintenance than wood railing. It won’t rust, won’t corrode, and looks sleek. With aluminum deck railings, you can spend less time providing upkeep for your deck and more time enjoying it.

Create a Bold Yet Inviting Home Appearance with Aluminum Railings for Decks

While cedar deck railing may have the popular vote here in the Pacific Northwest, aluminum deck railing is gaining popularity for good reason. Its functional uses have won over many homeowners, but its stylistic appeal continues to make new admirers.

We offer several styles of aluminum deck railing systems to set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood:

  • Glass – Clear, pristine design gets you an easily maintained deck all year round
  • Stainless Cable – Minimalist appeal lets you see
  • Picket Railings – A traditional look combines with the durability of aluminum

You can customize your aluminum deck rails to any style you desire—or you can choose from several standard styles. Whether you want a simple installation or a completely custom job, you can craft the perfect deck for your home.

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