Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Framed Patio Covers Are the Best Choice For Durability and Low Maintenance

If you live in a humid area, experience a lot of rain, or live near the ocean, an aluminum patio cover is a smart choice for your outdoor cover needs. Wood patio covers are a great option, but they require maintenance that an aluminum cover does not—saving you time and money.

Aluminum covers and aluminum patio awnings are incredibly easy to maintain, and can be cleaned with water and soap to look like new. Extreme hot, cold, or wet weather will not affect their appearance, they won't rust, crack, or peel, and they're not susceptible to termites and other pest infestations.

Best of all our aluminum framed patio covers are available with UV blocking Acrylic or polycarbonate panels between the aluminum rafters. This keeps your outdoor living spaces bright and cool. Homeowners love Aluminum framed patio covers because they don't darken the inside of their homes.

Steel vs. Aluminum: Patio Cover Comparison

There are many advantages of both steel and aluminum patio covers in terms of durability and appearance. Steel is sometimes cheaper than aluminum, but it's less durable, and will rust over time—costing you repair or replacement expenses.

Steel also gets extremely hot, so a steel framed patio cover is not recommended for homes located in desert areas or locations that experience severe hot weather. Aluminum stays cool, and won't absorb the heat from the sun. That's why many outdoor products such as patio furniture, gutters, etc., are made from aluminum.

Rick's Offers the Highest Quality Aluminum Patio Covers at the Lowest Prices

Our aluminum patio covers are made from high-quality aluminum, and will withstand the test of time. In addition, we offer custom decks, fences, gates, and more—all at the lowest prices available.

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